How to Be Blog Post Prepared For When Life Gets Busy

I remember when I started my first blog. It was a happy moment! Filled with a few posts and an about page to begin my blogging journey. This enthusiasm lasted for awhile. Then what happened next was my world got busy. I struggled to keep up with the pace of creating regular blog posts. Have you experienced this yourself? There is a countless number of thriving successful blogs. There are equally a large if not larger number of failed blogs. Many of them died out because these bloggers didn’t produce consistent content. In this post, I offer 10 tips for making content creation easier.

1.  Make time.

If you are truly a blogger then you’ll need to be committed to your blog.
That means making time to write content.

It’s no secret that blogging is a commitment. Being a blogger is work.
Our loyalty is to our readers. They want content. That’s why they visit us.

It is easy to understand the saying “content is king”. It really is.
Without content do we really have a blog?

How do you make time in your busy schedule to write blog posts?
You create the time to do just that. Write.

2.  The Benefits of Batch Writing

Creating blog posts in advance is a great method of content creation for every blogger.
Doing this enables you to be prepared for those busy seasons of life.

As bloggers and writers, we have many things to do and write about. Batch writing
helps so much to prevent lack of content and blogger discouragement.

Find a resource that works for you to create your posts in an undistracted writing space.
I use Evernote to log my blog post ideas.Windows live writer enables me to just write.

Find something that works for you. Sticking to it may be a challenge at first but in time you’ll develop a routine that works.

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3. Writing Without Edits

When I’m writing the beginnings of a blog post I don’t edit my work.
For me, it helps to avoid focusing on the perfection of the post but the writing itself.

I don’t worry about the word count, sentence structure, grammatical accuracy, or correcting typos.
Sometimes I’ll just write posts on topics one day.  Another day I’ll do my edits and polishing posts
for publication.

For me, this has made it much faster to create content for my blog or guest posts.
I don’t get stuck in all the things that don’t matter in the beginning of creating a post.

The most important step is to just start writing!

4. Why the practice of blog post template creation works.

Using blog post templates are great for having a content creation structure to follow.
A friend of mine, Greg Narayan, the founder of Dear Blogger suggests using a post that has done well as a template.
Michael Hyatt uses a blog post template. For further reading see Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post by Michael Hyatt

5.  Don’t forget to Take Breaks

Often we don’t take enough breaks away from writing and blogging. It is what we do but doesn’t
need to be all we do. There is a whole world out there and a life beyond creating massive amounts of blog posts.
I’ve found that I’m actually a better writer when I step away in frequent increments. Breaks help the mindset for
most things we do. So don’t forget to walk away and revisit it later. Self-care is important for everything including

Further reading Why You Need to Stop Blogging & Regain Your Writing Soul by Jeff Goins

6.  Become involved in writing and blogging communities.

Jeff Goins suggests we cannot create our best work in isolation. Why? Because too much isolation is not even healthy.Staying connected with other writers and bloggers is crucial to blogging growth. You will stay more inspired by being part of a community.

Other writers and bloggers just like you know how it feels when the going gets tough. They will encourage you. Inspire you. They will also help you accomplish your writing and blogging goals. You’ll learn from them and they’ll learn from you.

My friend Frank McKinley has mastered this concept of community. Recently he started The Tribe Builder’s Network a Facebook group that helps you get known for the work that you do. He’s written a free eBook called the Tribe Builder’s Manifesto.  Why not get your copy today?

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7. Keep a record of blog post ideas

Record your ideas somewhere. I write down all of my blog posts and other writing ideas as they come to me. I use a small notebook which I carry in my purse. Handy for those times I don’t have a computer with me. When thoughts come I can write it down no matter where I am. Whatever you find easiest to do will be what works for you.

8.  Schedule one month of posts in advance.

An easy way to post regularly is to write 4 posts one Saturday and publish them every Thursday for a month.
My friend Greg the founder of Dear Blogger has a guest posting routine where the posts are scheduled for publication every Wednesday. Same day and time every week.

The main point here is to create a blog post routine in a tempo you can manage and stay consistent with. Consistency is more important than frequency.

9. Have backup posts ready for when the well is dry.

Before I began writing backup posts I was always running out of content for my blogs. Usually, when this happened I wasn’t in the mode to quickly write a post. This used to bother me and cause me to question whether I really was a writer and blogger at all. Keeping posts on the backburner for those times when the post well is dry helps tremendously!

If you do this regularly you’ll discover as I did how much time this saves in the long run.

Additional Reading: 10 Blogging Practices That Work: How to Create Blog Content

10. Avoid letting being busy get in the way of creating blog posts.

If you really want to be a good writer and blogger you’ll have to develop a strategy that enables you to push past the obstacles. Life gets busy. We get sick. Emergencies arise.

When life gets busy and chaotic our minds get full.

Professional bloggers and writers do the following;

Write when they don’t want to.
Write in the midst of pain and life’s storms.
They’ve developed strategies, habits, and routines that work.
They create content even when life is crazy and doesn’t make sense.
Don’t give up even when discouragement tells them to.
Successful bloggers and writers don’t isolate and are part of communities.


I haven’t met many bloggers serious about writing and blogging who want their blogs to fail. We all want our blogs to thrive and grow. If you put into practice some of these tips you’ll be on your way to creating more content than you ever dreamed you could. Keep writing friends!

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How do you create time to write when life is busy?

What are a few things that help you create blog posts regularly?

Do you have a blog posting routine?


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  1. Hello Cori,

    I am really much grateful for these tips of yours as well. There is this one thing you talked about which I will be carry along with with for a very long time; ‘Write when they don’t want to.
    Write in the midst of pain and life’s storms’

    There is of course no need for excuses.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Thank you for your comment Alaya! Happy you can utilize some of the tips. Writing in the midst of pain and the storms of life can be so therapeutic. 😀

  2. Meg

    Thank you so much, Cori!
    This blog post is finding me at the right time, when my time is occupied by other things and I was a bit frustrated I’d been falling behind schedule with my (iniatially intended) 3 posts per week!
    It’s good to remember consistency is more important than frequency.
    Thank you for your encouragement!

    1. Cori-Leigh

      Hi Meg and thank you for your comment. I know that feeling of frustration when falling behind. It happens to us all! The tip about consistency being more important than frequency was something a wise teacher once told me. I’m glad you found the post encouraging. 😀

  3. Cori-Leigh

    Thanks, Frank! Helps to have a blog post creation plan to keep the content flowing. 😀

  4. Cori, these are excellent tips that will help any writer keep his or her blog filled with content!


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