Guest posting is a fantastic way for you to expand your reach of readers and grow your blog! 


If you're interested in submitting or inquiring about  a guest posting with us please read the following guidelines; 

Accepted Content

Cori Writer: Blogging With WordPress attracts an audience interested in learning the basics of writing, blogging, and how to use WordPress.

Word Count

We accept 750-1500 word post submissions.

Submission Format

Email your submission in a plain text  HTML file. Word Docs are fine as well providing it is in simplistic formatting.

Author bio and picture

When you send in your submission be sure to include your author bio and selected picture you'd like us to use.We'll add the link to your website/blog in the body of your author bio.

Editorial and other changes - We reserve the right to make the following changes or revisions;

  1. Fix any spelling and grammatical errors.
  2. Ask you to re write or fix the post prior to publication
  3. Request a resend of a different featured image if the one submitted doesn't work for us.
    Or select one we see as more suited to the post and site.
  4. Decide to not use links added within the post if they are promotional or not consistent with post content.
    You can add links within the post to support the article as long as they are approved by us prior to publication.
  5. We may add a few links for further reading from posts on site of the same or similar topic area.
  6. If we discover your guest post has been previously published we will remove it.
  7. If the title is too short or generic we may ask you to either expand on the title for SEO purposes or offer a suggestion that works best for us.

After Publication

  • Please be available to check back to your post for comments and reply to any that are there.
  • Share your post to all your social media outlets.

Email inquiries and submissions to:

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