How Get People to Read Your Blog

How to get people to read your blog

You worked hard starting your blog. It’s been your baby project. You’ve started, created and launched. A victory right? A big yes!
This post covers a few basic steps for how you can bring your blog out of unintentional ‘hiding’ mode.

We make the decision to start a blog. Decide on a domain name. Secure Web hosting. Choose a WordPress theme. Design and customize the home our blog will live. We craft blog posts, edit and proofread them. We publish them to our site. Then an exciting thing happens! Everything seems ready to go. We launch that blog we have worked so hard on to create. The disappointment comes awhile later when we realize nobody is reading it! We ask ourselves ” Where are my readers?”

Well, the truth is many people set up a blog. Go through the process of work, writing and developing their blogs to find it seemingly disappear into cyberspace virtually unnoticed! Time passes, more time passes, you still aren’t getting the desired traffic to your blog. This is a frustrating and disheartening predicament for any blogger to find themselves in.

You don’t have to be lost on the web! It is a big world with thousands of people who could be reading your blog. Readers who would be there exploring your content if they knew you existed. So how do you and your blog begin to get noticed?


1. Social Media Integration


While it isn’t necessary or productive to use all social media it is important to integrate a few them that connect to your blog. Here are a few suggestions to get you started;

There are so many social media outlets to choose from. Often it is difficult to determine how many of these you need right away. Facebook and Twitter are your best place to start.

Keep in mind that the social media avenues you choose will need to be managed. Used successfully they involve regular content, interaction from you will be required consistently. Social media is about engaging with others. Used to expand your reach! Too much social media can and I promise you will absorb much of your time.

Careful consideration is really important here because your readers begin to constantly expect what you consistently provide. Starting with a couple rather than too many all at once will be easier for you to determine how much you can manage regularly.

 The Social Media Examiner is a great resource for learning how to integrate social media with your blog.


2.Visit. Read. Interact. Engage with other bloggers.


Here you begin to formulate a relationship with those who are sharing a similar message as you are.
They talk talk the same language. Comment on their posts and engage in conversation.
Share their content to your social media networks.
Establish a regular communication with them and their readers.
Help them get known for what they do and they’ll often help you too!


3. Get Involved in Online Communities.


I took a writing course by Jeff Goins called Tribe Writers. An additional course is built into the Tribe Writers course (offered both paid and free) called The Intentional Blogging Course. Built into it is access to his closed Facebook  groups set up for his rapidly growing community of students. Jeff refers to us as his Tribe. This is what you need to do too. Build your own tribe of readers and followers.

“Show interest in what others are doing. Offer to help them. Learn from them. Join Facebook groups, writers groups, take an online course, engage in conversation with a community of people.”


Show interest in what others are doing. Offer to help them. Learn from them. Grow your tribe. Click To Tweet


4. Guest posting


Write and publish an article on someone else’s website or blog. It’s a great way to establish a connection with more readers. Offer to guest post on some of the people you connect through their websites on the same topic. Some will say no, a few may say yes. Guest posting is a great way to expand your reach. If you have never given much attention to guest posting

I recommend reading these articles below written by best-selling author Jeff Goins.

1. 3 Ways Guest Posting Can Help You Grow Your Online Audience

2. Seven Steps to Writing a Successful Blog Post

5. Branding

Over time, you will become known for the brand you create. When people think of it, they will think of you.If you want to learn more about establishing your brand watch and listen to this video segment of ‘This is your life” with Michael Hyatt and his Co-host Michele Cushatt. The 5 Elements of a Powerful Personal Brand


  • The reputation you build around your brand will largely impact your blogging experience good or bad.
  • A picture of you that is known to your readers as you. They connect with you and want to see you. Know who you are. Your readers won’t stay if you drive them away with being too impersonal. There is nothing more personal to them than a picture of you. So use a good one, look happy, real and professional.
  • Give your site a simple logo. Head over to Logo Makr if you want to create one for free. This is a great video tutorial about how to use Logo Makr  Create Your Own Logo by Greg Narayan


The reputation you build around your brand will largely impact your blogging experience good or bad. Click To Tweet


6. First Impressions Count

Make sure your site looks good, reads well, is easy to navigate, ensure there is regular content added. Your readers will expect to see all of these things when they arrive on your site.

To read more about growing your blog see How to Start a Blog That Grows Itself Someday

7. Offer Something For Free

People love free stuff! Your readers love getting free offers! This gives them an incentive to subscribe. So what can you offer them starting out?

  • eBook
  •  Newsletter
  • Free mini course
  • Tutorials

Think of something you can offer them that will cause them to want more from you. If they want more they are coming back!

8. Consistently Post New Content

Decide what posting rhythm works best for you. Better to start with a less frequent yet consistent posting routine. If bi-weekly is better for you then start there. You can always increase from there.

If you decide to post 3 times per week then all of sudden move to bi-weekly this shift has the potential to drive away readers. They like seeing what you do consistently.

Happy writing, blogging, and growing an audience!


The best blog posting practice is to provide your readers with a consistent posting pattern. Click To Tweet


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I enjoy helping people start, create, and launch their blogs primarily using WordPress. Encouraging writers and bloggers to find their wings of confidence.


  1. This is so timely! Great information that I look forward to putting to good use.

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      Hi Maia! Thank you for your comment! I do hope you find some of these tips helpful!


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