5 Remedies For Defeating Writer’s Block That Work

Dealing with writer’s block is a frustrating place to be for every blogger and writer. For a long time, I struggled with this. I’d face that blank computer screen or page but the words seemed frozen inside my mind failing to come out. Eventually, I learned to integrate these following steps when challenged with writer’s

How To Start a Blog That Grows Itself Someday

This is a guest post written by Greg Narayan. He is a blogger, teacher, and web designer. To make a successful blog with a large amount of visitors from scratch is a very difficult thing to do. Sometimes I wonder, “why should XYZ blog gain a huge following?” Is it by chance or by the successful nature of

How to Make Your Website Irresistible to Visitors

This is a guest post written by Frank McKinley. He is a published author, helps engage readers, sell their ideas, and build their tribes. You’ve spent hours, days, or even weeks setting up your website. It’s beautiful. It’s uncluttered. It’s full of all sorts of neat stuff.You sit back, satisfied with your effort, and wait for the

How to get people to read your blog

How Get People to Read Your Blog

You worked hard starting your blog. It’s been your baby project. You’ve started, created and launched. A victory right? A big yes! This post covers a few basic steps for how you can bring your blog out of unintentional ‘hiding’ mode. We make the decision to start a blog. Decide on a domain name. Secure

6 Steps to Starting a Blog

Do you have a blog idea brewing but don’t know where to begin? In this post I cover 6 steps that will help you do what is often the most difficult to accomplish! Starting! Your blog doesn’t have to be perfect when it begins. It just needs to start. I failed to start, create and launch