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 I provide help tips to get you started in learning the basics of writing, blogging, and how to use WordPress effectively.
Writing - What you need to know about the basics of writing primarily for the purpose of blogging.
  • Learn how to begin calling yourself a writer with confidence.
  • How to discover your unique writer voice.
  • Develop a consistent writing routine
  • The basics of how leverage your writing into earning an income.
  • How to grow as a beginner writer.
Blogging - How to start blog. I provide you with the information and resources necessary to begin a blog.
WordPress - Learn the basics about how to use WordPress
  • Learn the best way to start a blog.
  • How to start, create, and launch a blog worthy to be read.
  • How to expand your reach and get noticed in this busy blogging world.
  • Discover how to blog with a purpose. Find your why.
  • How to design and customize a blog that you and your readers will love!

My Blogging Story

I started blogging in 2011. My first blog was set up using Blogger. It was created for my view only. There I put my writings about virtually everything into various blogs. I practiced creating pretty and 'not so pretty blogs' that nobody read!  I searched the internet about how to begin taking my writing to the next level. The goal being to start, create, and launch a blog that was worthy to be read. 

For a long time it seemed I was spinning my wheels but getting nowhere! Finding the right information about the subject of  blogging was a challenge for me! It was as if I were walking through a cyberspace jungle! As we know the internet is rich with how to blog and how to grow as a writer content. Often I found it difficult to know where to begin. I floundered around the web using Google as my guide for quite sometime. I had quickly become 'the google girl'

I spent tons of time researching hours per day. I began feeling lost and alone on my path of learning how to start a blog worthy to be read. I lacked confidence like many writers before me. I was so insecure about putting myself and my writing out there for the world to see. Finding myself constantly questioning if I was even a good enough writer. As a result I couldn't confidently say to others 'I am a writer'. It didn't take long for discouragement to stick to me like glue!

It appeared this may not be as reachable as I'd hoped. Successfully starting, creating, and launching a blog began looking out of my reach. Eventually earning an income from writing and blogging seemed almost impossible. The joy I once had in the consistent act of writing gradually had started to fade. It is at this point many give up before they begin. Often after starting a blog they discover it isn't easy to succeed. Many bloggers and writers give up before a breakthrough happens! Not being a very good quitter... I persisted!

Then one day in 2013 I searched Google for what seemed to be the millionth time! I was on a mission to find answers that would help me in my quest to grow as both a writer and a blogger. What I found was a site called Dear Blogger. The founder of that successful blog is Greg Narayan

I began starting my day with a coffee and a Dear Blogger post. Greg became my first mentor and teacher. It was in 2013 at his suggestion that I migrated from Blogger to WordPress. I'm thankful for Greg's support, tutorials, with all he's taught me about blogging and WordPress. Through his video tutorials I began learning how to customize and design websites. I now enjoy doing that for a few clients. 

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