Starting a blog? Discover 8 Ways to Enrich Your Blogging Experience

It’s a wonderful time to start a blog! Are you new to blogging or exploring the idea of starting a blog? Do you already have a blog but are left wondering why it isn’t growing? Many bloggers give up before their breakthrough happens. It takes time and patience to grow a blog. In this post, I provide 8 help tips to enrich your blogging experience.

1. Know why you blog and write about your topic.

You will speak to a selected audience based on your general topic area or areas. If you blog about how to train dogs but write some posts about interior home design you’ll confuse your readers. Your blog won’t attract everyone. That’s okay!  Your readers will be those interested in the subjects you decide on publish to your blog. You’ll become known for what you write about.

Knowing the answer to your why is a crucial first step to a richer blogging experience. Tucked inside your why is the purpose of your blog. If you don’t know this you’ll feel lost and confused.

How do you decide what topic areas you’d be good at writing about?
Try asking yourself these questions and write down your answers;

  • What are your worldviews? Your beliefs?
  • What are some subjects you could write about and never get tired of talking about?
  • What are your interests?
  • How has your life experiences positively impacted who you are today?
  • Have you struggled with some kind of life challenge and want to help others in that area?
  • Why did you start your blog?
  • What are you good at?
  • What are things people always ask you to help them with?
  • Are the topics you write about ones that you never get tired of talking about?

The list could go on about the many questions you could ask yourself. A great way to dig deeper is to write out a list of questions. Answer them in a quiet space where you can think and listen to your inner self.

Need to discover more about finding your calling and knowing the answer to your why?

Jeff Goins, the bestselling author of The Art of Work digs deeper into this topic with Andy Traub in the following podcast;
The Seven Stages of Finding Your Calling

2. Avoid starting a blog with the expectation of earning money right away.

I’m often asked by people considering starting a blog if they can earn a living blogging. It’s true you can earn a living as a blogger. Having said that your blog in and of itself will not generate much of an income. Especially right away.

It is very important to not give up your job too soon. Bestselling author and founder of the Tribe Writers course Jeff Goins refers to this as building a bridge rather than taking a leap. If you build your bridge rather than take a leap you’ll be able to concentrate on growing your blog over time. You’ll be free to just enjoy writing and blogging.

3. Keep your goals realistic and reachable.

Everything has a beginning. We can’t expect to achieve blogging growth and success right away. There are steps we must take to get there.

  • Start with simple beginnings. If we focus on too many things starting out it can become overwhelming.
  • Give your blog time to grow. Blogs don’t become successful overnight. They take focus and consistency.
  • Just start and enjoy the process. Blogging shouldn’t be a stressful endeavor.
  • Focus on content. Write more than you design your site.You can build on it over time.
  • Work smarter not harder.
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4. Commit to a blogging routine.

Creating a blog posting routine is definitely an important part of building trust with your readers. They like consistency even more than frequency. Daily blog posting is a tough pace to maintain. Beginning with a bi-monthly posting schedule or once weekly is great! Do this and you’ll have more time to do other things. This also helps to make your posting routine manageable. Batch write content so you’ll always be blog post prepared.

5. Know that you’re not alone.

All of us need support no matter what we are doing. From friends, family, and colleagues. There are many bloggers and writers you can connect with.  Where do you find them? In communities. Facebook groups and other online places.

Guest posting helps you to get noticed on other blogs that write about the same topics you do. I highly recommend guest posting! Medium is another outlet for you to post your content. You’ll reach many other readers.

6. Learn about blogging from those who are already successful.

Every successful blogger started out just like you. None of these bloggers and writers began knowing what they do now. Their success took them time to accomplish. Find a mentor/guide that you can learn from. Having a blog mentor is so beneficial to your growth as a blogger.

7. Grow an email list.

Building an email list of subscribers is the best way to do this. You can sign up for Mail Chimp free up to 2,500 subscribers. Providing a great starting place for those seeking to keep costs low.  Without an email list to communicate often with your subscribers you’ll lose them. Give away something for free such as an eBook or email course. Your readers need a reason to subscribe. Everyone loves getting something for free! What will you offer your readers?

These 3 are my personal favorites for paid Email Marketing Providers; Constant Contact both have phone support which is great for those needing to learn how to use these services effectively.

1. Convert Kit
2. Constant Contact
3. Aweber

8. Be patient and persistent.

Most things in life don’t develop into anything great fast! Good results do come to those who keep up the momentum even when the going gets tough. Blogging is the same way. If you put out the effort in the right places the desired results will come. You’ll need to be patient in the process of building and growing your blog.

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These seasons of uncertainty, discouragement, and questions including doubt are not a bad thing. Often they are indicating a need for us to revise our plans, thoughts, and goals. Setbacks can be springboards that launch us into the balance of where we really need to be. As a blogger that may be to just embrace and enjoy the process.

Join the conversation. I’d love to hear from you!

1. What is the one area about being a blogger you currently struggle with or have in the past?
2. If you’re new to blogging what would you like to learn next?
3.Why not suggest some topic areas you’d like to see more posts here about?

I enjoy helping people start, create, and launch their blogs primarily using WordPress. Encouraging writers and bloggers to find their wings of confidence.

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