4 Simple Steps to Choosing a Suitable Domain Name

simple steps to choosing your domain name

If you are going to have a self hosted blog then you’ll need to secure a domain name. In this post I provide 4 simple steps to help you discover a domain name appropriate for your message and topic.

1. Decide what your blog will be about.

This is really your first step. Choosing a domain name is going to be much more difficult if you don’t know what you’ll be writing about. Know who your target audience is going to be.

You can use your name or variances of it. Using your name provides you some freedoms. One of them being… If your topics change you will still have a working domain name.

When writing about a narrow niche topic such as vegetarian cooking … using your name wouldn’t be the best choice.

2. Keep it short.

The ideal domain name is 2 short words. This is not usually possible anymore unless you use your first and last name. Having said that, you may still face the challenge many others before you have with your name being unavailable. The reality is it’s tough to secure a 2-word domain name but not entirely impossible.If you have succeeded at finding a two-word domain name you’re in luck! Such domains are like gold these days!

A combination of three words can work well if you can’t secure on with two.

As a wise teacher once suggested to me … enjoy the process. Have fun with it. This is your beginning!

3. You can alternatively select your domain name and craft a working title from it.

This is exactly what I did. My chosen domain name address is a shortened version of my first name blended with writer (coriwriter.com).  Blogging With Purpose being a title which extends from my domain name.

Let’s say you want to blog about cooking. 

The best vegetarian cooking recipes from around the world. If the title you want is “The Best Vegetarian Cooking Recipes From Around The World” what you have then is a long title. Within this title is a great domain name, title, and tagline.

Taglines provide your readers with a brief snippet of what your site is about.

How can you make this title work in with your domain name, title and tagline description?

You could shorten it to create a domain name out of this long title. Example: Vegetarian Cooking with a tagline The Best Vegetarian Cooking Recipes From Around The World.

It is more than likely that ‘vegetarian cooking’ is unavailable.

You can personalize it with your first name in front of it.


Title: Cori’s Vegetarian Cooking
Tagline: The best vegetarian cooking recipes from around the world.
Domain Name: corisvegetariancooking.com

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4. What do you choose? .com, .org, or .net?

There are many endings to choose from but we aren’t going to go into all of them in this post. I have narrowed it down to the most popular three. These three are the most common top level end to your domain name URL. All originally created with a unique individual purpose of their own.

.com, .net, .org explained

.com  It was intended for the purpose of a profit-making commercial type use.

.net   This one was usually used for network related type domains

.org   Sites using .org were typically used by those that had a non-profit organization. Many  non-profit organizations use the .org ending.

In current day most people do not focus so much on the differences between these endings to our URLs.

Using .com is still the most popular choice for most blogs.

Further reading on choosing a domain name.

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Join the conversation: What challenges have you faced if any in selecting your domain name? How did you finally choose the right one for you?

I enjoy helping people start, create, and launch their blogs primarily using WordPress. Encouraging writers and bloggers to find their wings of confidence.


  1. Hi Cori
    It’s easy to get hung up on choosing a suitable domain name, especially for beginners. Your 4 steps really boils down the matter and simplifies the process.

    I’ve bought a lot of domain names for affiliate websites, and found that when I get hung up for names that are already taken — free domain name generators can really get my creative juices going. I just google free domain name generators and spend some time with a pen and paper as I look at a lot of variations and ideas to help me choose a suitable domain name.


    1. Cori-Leigh

      Hi Mike! Thank you for your comment! I love Google domain name generators! Helps get the creative thinking in choosing a domain name.

  2. I obviously second Cori’s advice! This is a great post for anyone who needs advice on how to get the best domain name for a new blog or website.
    Sidenote: There is some luck involved. Be open to lots of ideas!

    1. Cori-Leigh

      Thanks Greg! So true what you said about some luck being involved. Can be a bit of playing around with ideas before landing on one that isn’t already taken! I remember struggling with what domain name to choose!


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