Hi, I'm Cori. I am a writer, blogger, self- taught web designer, and social media manager. Helping writers and bloggers learn how to expand their reach, accomplish their goals, and fulfill their dreams. I hope you'll check out my about page to find out more about this site and take moment to look around.



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If you want help with your writing, your blog, and more specifically Word Press, then you need Cori. She knows how to help you grow as a writer, to find purpose for your blog and she can design and customize it so that it will be a place that you and your readers will feel at home. I highly recommend Cori for the serious writer.

I met Cori last year when my website was so messed up I thought it was beyond repair. Cori made the mess go away - and she worked with me until everything was exactly as I wanted it. As we talked, I discovered she’s not only a technical genius, she’s a gifted writer and social media manager, too. If you want your blog to matter, listen to Cori - she really knows her stuff!

Cori is a genuine pearl in your treasure vault. She is an extremely dedicated proactive professional who knows how things work. She is the one who will pleasantly surprise you by going the extra mile, offering you valuable knowledge and expert advice.

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